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Series of PISM Analysis about the Eastern Mediterranean


Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean have been increasing in recent months. This is a consequence of the overlapping of historical disputes with new conditions in the form of increased regional competition and enhanced involvement of outside powers. The escalation of the crisis may weaken European plans to diversify energy resources from the south, make it more difficult to solve migration problems, and destabilise the EU's neighbourhood. Hence, at PISM we have prepared a series of bulletins devoted to the Eastern Mediterranean:


  1. Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean: an Urgent Challenge for the EU
  2. The Influence of Gas Resources on Egyptian Policy in the Eastern Mediterranean
  3. Israel’s Policy in the Eastern Mediterranean
  4. United States Policy towards the Eastern Mediterranean
  5. Greece’s Eastern Mediterranean Policy
  6. Delimitation of Maritime Areas in the Eastern Mediterranean as a Challenge for the EU
  7. Russia’s Eastern Mediterranean Policy
  8. The Franco-Turkish Tensions
  9. Escalation between Turkey and Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean