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PISM Reports

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10 July 2018
PISM Report: Newport – Warsaw – Brussels: NATO in Defence of Peace in Europe
In search of the answer to the sources of consensus that resulted in NATO making these and other milestone decisions, it is worth a look beyond the decisions of the individual summits and North Atlantic Council meetings, which took place in between, but also to the policies of the individual NATO members towards the adaptation agenda. Therefore, the bulk of this report is individual profiles of the 29 NATO members in which the approach of a given country to the pivotal issues on the Alliance’s agenda is analysed for the period between 2014 and 2018.
07 March 2018
PISM Report: Nordic-Baltic Security in Times of Uncertainty: The Defence-Energy Nexus
The Polish Institute of International Affairs together with the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs present the report Nordic-Baltic Security in Times of Uncertainty: The Defense-Energy Nexus. The report shows that energy and defence in the Nordic-Baltic region are closely interrelated. During the Cold War, the energy cooperation of Western European countries with the USSR was seen as an element of strengthening the status quo and reducing the risk of conflict. In the new strategic situation, when Russia is interested in regaining the status of regional and global power, there is a real threat that Kremlin will use Europe's dependence on Russian gas to divide NATO and the EU. The Russian military advantage in the region, the ability to block access to Alliance forces and the ability to influence its members through energy blackmail may encourage Russia to test NATO's credibility, increasing the risk of conflict in the region. NATO's ability to deter Russia creates a natural platform of cooperation for Norway and Poland. Both states should also be interested in reducing the Alliance's dependence on Russian energy resources.
22 February 2018
PISM Report: Indie w procesie reform: szanse dla Polski
On 15 August 2017, India celebrated the 70th anniversary of independence. In that time, it has changed from a newly post-colonial, underdeveloped, and famine-suffering state to one of the largest economies in the world and an emerging power. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s accession in 2014 marked a new stage in the reforms and transformation of the country to release its potential and accelerate development. As the latest large economy to open to more foreign investmenta and international cooperation, India offers huge business opportunities. This report introduces the reforms and programmes implemented in India that indicate opportunities for Polish companies interested in this market. Prepared as a guidebook, the report also formulates recommendations for businesses and the Polish administration to strengthen cooperation with India (available only in Polish).


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