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PISM Strategic Files

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22 February 2016
PISM Strategic File no. 3 (84): A Win-Win Situation? What to Make of the EU-UK Deal
The next issue of PISM Strategic Files by Karolina Borońska-Hryniewiecka

After over three months of intense multilateral negotiations, an agreement on a new settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union was successfully concluded at last week’s European Council. The deal allows the British government to deliver on its plans for a referendum on EU membership to be held in June 2016. While Prime Minister David Cameron will now need to convince British voters that he has negotiated a strong and credible package for the UK, other EU leaders also will seek to explain to their publics that they have secured their national and European interests. The contents of the deal actually allow for both claims.

PISM Strategic File no. 3 (84)
12 February 2016
PISM Strategic File no. 2 (83): Schengen’s Future in Light of the Refugee Crisis

The next issue of PISM Strategic Files by Elżbieta Kaca

The EU actions to secure the border between Greece and Turkey in order to restrain the flow of migrants face several limitations. In this light, the increased and uncontrolled flow of immigrants into the EU has prompted some Member States to call for restoring EU internal borders up to two years. This solution does not mean dismantling the Schengen zone, but modification of Schengen for security reasons, which would not threaten the European project.

PISM Strategic File no. 2 (83)

09 February 2016
PISM Strategic File no. 1 (82): Universal Utopia: Weighing the Reasons for the Appeal of the Islamic State

The next issue of PISM Strategic Files by Patrycja Sasnal

Jihadism may be exclusively associated with the Muslim culture as a term and concept, but failing to see its universal, cross-cultural dimension impairs domestic and international policy considerations. This radical utopia serves as a global magnet for anti-systemism rather than just attracting religious locals in the Middle East. European countries need to structure their policy toward ISIS carefully, so that they do not become the frontline soldiers in the fight against this utopia and, in doing so, tie the rope around their necks at home. This is especially true as, globally and in the long term, the number of potential supporters for ISIS is likely to grow.

PISM Strategic File no. 1 (82)


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