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Home > Experts > Kinga Raś (Dudzińska)

Kinga Raś (Dudzińska)

fot. Magda Pawluczuk

Fields of expertise: 

  • Foreign and Domestic Policies of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • Cooperation among the Baltic States
  • Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the Baltic Sea Region


  • Since 2008: PhD Programme in Political Science, The Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Nicolaus Copernicus University
  • Since 2005: Baltic Studies Programme, The Faculty of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw
  • 2001-2007: MA in Political Science, The Faculty of Humanities, Nicolaus Copernicus University

Professional experience: 

  • 2010-present: analyst at the Polish Institute of International Affairs
  • 2008-present: lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Nicolaus Copernicus University


  • English
  • Lithuanian
  • Latvian

Selected publications 

Book chapters: 

  • The evolution of Lithuania’s political system (co-authorship), in: In the circle of ideas. The State- Education-Religion, ed. D. Góra-Szopiński, G. Radomski, W. Wojdyło, M. Zamojska, Toruń 2010.
  • Revolution versus evolution – political consequances of financial crisis in Latvia, in: Contemporary political space. Evolution or Revolution?, ed. M. du Vall, M. Majorek, A. Walecka-Rynduch, Kraków 2011.

Articles in periodicals (refereed only): 

  • “Latvia: The Economic Crisis and (Im)Possible  Changes?”, Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review, 2011, No. 26. 
  • “The development of Lithuanian statehood in years 1918-1940” (co-autorship), Polish Political Science Yearbook, 2007, No. 2.

Press articles: 

  • “Lithuania's Visaginas nuclear power plant: a race against time”, Warsaw Business Journal, 12th September 2011.
  • “The Baltic States: a story of successful transformation”, Warsaw Business Journal” 22th August 2011
PISM Analysis:
  • Parliamentary Elections in Latvia: Problems with the Appointment of the Coalition Government, Bulletin PISM, No. 92 (309), October 2011.
  • Nuclear Power in Lithuania, Bulletin PISM, No. 79 (296), August 2011.
  • National Discourse in Lithuania and the Lithuanian Government’s Policy Towards National Minorities, Bulletin PISM, No. 68 (285), June 2011.
  • Implications of the Referendum on the Dissolution of the Latvian Parliament, Bulletin PISM, No. 64 (281), June 2011.
  • Small Border Traffic with the Kaliningrad District, Bulletin PISM, No. 122 (198), September 2010.