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Home > About us > Research > Projects > past projects > Kaliningrad Oblast: (Old) New Challenges?

Kaliningrad Oblast: (Old) New Challenges?

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22 July 2013
The proposed project aims to examine the impact of small border traffic (SBT) on the development of cooperation among the Pomorskie, Warmia and Mazury voivodships and Kaliningrad Oblast and to develop recommendations to improve the functioning of the SBT. The project includes study visits in the voivodships covered by the SBT and in Kaliningrad, and the publication of a Policy Paper, tentatively titled “Regional Cooperation between Northern Poland and Kaliningrad Oblast: Analyzing the State of Affairs and Looking Ahead”, by the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM).

According to the “Priorities of Polish Foreign Policy 2012-2016”, Poland is interested in intensifying political dialogue and economic relations with the Russian Federation and in its rapprochement with Europe. Relations with Kaliningrad Oblast will be an important criterion in the development of Polish–Russian and EU–Russia relations. The main goals of the analysis would be to develop a concept to underpin future  cooperation between the northern Polish regions and Kaliningrad in the area of institutional relations at the local and regional levels (including exchanging experience), to strengthen social ties and promote tourism.

Poland has already presented a proactive approach to the region, mainly through the agreement on small border traffic signed in 2010. At the same time, Poland faces the challenge of how to use this agreement in the best manner, including how to ensure its smooth operation, improve the system of crossing the Polish–Russian border and authorisation procedures for granting permits, as well as how to support the development of cooperation between the Polish government and local authorities with their counterparts in Russia and Kaliningrad. It is also necessary to develop a concept for the further development of regional cooperation with Kaliningrad, which should be based on a thorough analysis of the progressive integration of the areas covered by the SBT on both sides of the border to conform with relations between Poland and the EU and Russia.

The project would be managed by the Polish Institute of International Affairs


Kinga Iwona Dudzińska
e-mail: dudzinska@pism.pl
+48 22 556 80 53     
Anna Maria Dyner
e-mail: dyner@pism.pl    
+48 22 556 80 53